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Constellation Eleven MOD APK [Unlimited money]


Apk Constellation Eleven space RPG shooter

The explanation of Constellation Eleven Application
▶Space game shooting
Enter your battleship and also guideline the room in best down shooting! Be actually equipped to combat along with a considerable amount of opponents!

▶Old college environment
A new consider the aged excellent game video games of‘90s. You will certainly participate in as a captain of a fight spaceship outdoors world room full of risky opponents. The video activity has actually delightful pixel video.

▶Character progression
Select your captain and also enhance his abilities. Look for information and also minerals to uncover brand-brand new abilities, trading and also amount up.


▶Procedural age group room
Never-ending room never-ending room loaded with asteroids, deserted room terminals and also gpses. Deal with. Profession. Progress.

▶A considerable amount of loot and also personalization products
Locate and also outfit tools and also shield along with arbitrary qualities. Select your very own design and also comply with it.

Constellation Eleven MOD APK

This gallery shooting has actually a traditional video activity auto technicians, pleasant and also intriguing gameplay, pleasant video and also comfy management. In the course of the video activity you will certainly deal with a ton of tests and also fights along with little ships and also hefty cruisers. The degree of adversaries will certainly expand along with each delve into various other unit.
The job remains in very early accessibility. In the video activity you load discover RPG & roguelike auto technicians, pleasant pixel fine craft video and also atmospheric soundtrack precede background design. The job was actually encouraged due to the hack & lower style and also computer game including reassembly, starbound, area rangers and also stellaris.

Constellation Eleven is actually definitely free video activity in russian and also english languages. NO ADVERTISING!

Edge quests, area terminals, tests, brand-brand new company and also money have actually been actually included the current updates.

Constellation Eleven MOD APK

Constellation Eleven Application 1.forty five Upgrade

  • Revamped user interface.
  • Adversaries no more take flight outdoors the field.
  • Lots of insects corrected.

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