The summary of Cyber Knights RPG Exclusive Application

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Top a dangerous group of knowledgeable as well as cybered mercenaries to eliminate, hack, as well as penetrate in the darkness of 2217. As a Cyber Knight you’re the exclusive yet expendable city soldier in the noiseless battles of a cyberpunk potential. You perform the filthy function of megacorporations, unlawful institutions as well as road gangs.


Participate in the free RPG called “Cyber Knights RPG” and also delight in hrs of turn-based and also tactical cyberpunk video pc gaming in just before you update to Cyber Knights Exclusive. Trese Bros never ever operates advertisements in our video games — delight in an advertisement free, approval free adventure! Open the Hunder Occupation as a $1 IAP within Exclusive.

Exclusive version includes 3 one-of-a-kind Cyber Knights, 50+ tools, and also 20+ shields, 30+ cybernetic implants and also more material and also tale. And also you may duplicate any sort of Cyber Knight coming from Cyber Knights RPG (free) to Exclusive!

Cyber Knights is actually a turn-based tactical RPG through which you management a team of joggers and also soldiers that are actually accomplishing unlawful deals for the a variety of powers that defend management over the metropolitan areas. Discover a huge relentless world along with 10 combating factions, much more than 600 get in touches with and also consumers, over five hundred stores, much more than 400 fight combos and also risk lurking every which way.

It is actually the dawn of 2217, and also the world has actually finished. Megacorporations deliver humanity’s final survivors home in the huge dome metropolitan areas of Brand-brand new Boston, Brand-brand new Berlin and also others. All over the earth the Worldwide Matrix has actually reunited the spread survivors and also reignited the discharges of competitors.



Modern technology has actually transformed mankind. No more just flesh, a lot of Cyber Knights have actually looked to nano- as well as cyber- modern technology to increase a side as well as prolong their potentials past individual frontiers.
An international arms race has actually started in between the continuing to be megacorporations. Technical supremacy as well as management of the continuing to be metroplex are actually the just traits that issue currently.
Within this particular cool battle problem the soldiers are actually named Cyber Knights. Exclusive metropolitan mercenaries they are actually expendable, deniable as well as reliable. The megacorporations require all of them to perform the unclean do function in the gray darkness of the metroplex.
You are going to management of a competent group of mercenary cyber-warriors. Utilize turn-based methods cope with to release skill-sets, tools as well as cybernetic implants for optimum result. Specialize your staff member in stealth, cope with or even hacking skill-sets. Control the megacorporate garden along with technique, infiltration, fight prowess or even be actually an electronic ghost.
Functions 8 distinct skill-sets, 5 character training class, 400 various products, tools as well as shield. Personalized your forerunner as well as groups along with 65 various cybernetic renovations. Choose edges within this particular metropolitan fight as well as participate in as Cyberpunk, Weapon Slinger, Sniper, Cyber Sword or even the terrifying AgentEX!
As a Knight, you will experience:

  • 140 Tools
  • forty five Shields
  • one hundred Matrix Organizes
  • 60 Cybernetic Implants
  • 600 NPC Get in touches with
  • 55 Monsters
  • 400 Beast Groups

Our growth group upgrading Cyber Knights on an once a week manner as well as our experts are actually extremely responsive to reviews as well as recommendations.

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