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Titan Slayer Roguelike Strategy Card Game MOD APK


The explanation of Titan Slayer Application
Pick up strong Friend Memory cards as well as type the best group!
A free-to-play roguelite RPG, Titan Slayer is actually helped make along with mind-boggling high top premium as well as web information!
Utilize the Battalion produced coming from your personal customized deck to tackle the Titan Slayer Dungeons!





Titan Slayer Roguelike Strategy Card Game MOD APK

[Game Features]

  1. A appoint of one-of-a-kind characters waits for you!
    Zealot, Bombing plane Lady, Witch, Knight, and also various other amazing dream characters
    Characters that are actually featured along with one-of-a-kind and also specificed video!
    Inspect the innate abilities that each character has!
  2. Expertise on your own the impacts that transform each opportunity depending upon various ability mixes!
    Impressive gameplay that surpasses easy assault and also protection with using ability impacts
    General abilities could be integrated to end up being wrecking Ultimate Strikes!
    Increase exclusive impacts with several Orbs, Scrolls, and also various other Relics gotten apiece phase!
  3. Your personal Battalion made up through enhancing your characters!
    Increase EXP along with your characters to build all of them more highly effective!
    Totally boost your Battalion through updating their HP, ATK, and also DEF!
    Purposefully release characters and also utilize their abilities
  4. Delight in the Valhalla Pass that is offered every period!
    Are actually you trying to find a much bigger perks, or even a various sort of exciting? Attempt the Valhalla Pass!
    Finish Valhalla Pass goals and also uncover incentives!
    Secure highly effective Friend Memory cards coming from to name a few fantastic incentives every period!
  5. Expedition, VS Fight, Sector, and also a lot of various other one-of-a-kind material offered in Titan Slayer!
    You, defeater of heinous creatures, Rock Golems, Devils, Fairies, and also the Spire, are actually the Titan Slayer!
    A dungeon spider roguelite RPG that goes across in between singular gamer and also multiplayer!
    Specificed experiences wait for you, coming from the Sloth Woodland to the Valley of Satisfaction!
    ‘VS Battle’ and also ‘Arena’ for those professionals that cannot be actually delighted along with only PVE.
Titan Slayer Roguelike Strategy Card Game MOD APK

Titan Slayer Application 1.5.7 Upgrade

  • Brand-brand new consumer quests include
  • Some character harmony solutions
  • Expedition Position incorporated
  • Pest solutions and also UI enhancements


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