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[Unlimited money] Shred! Remastered APK MOD


The Shred! description! App has been remastered

Over 30 courses hand-crafted by a person who lives and breathes mountain biking will keep you on the edge and keep you coming back for more!


Shred! “Shred – Downhill Mountainbiking” (aka Shred! 1) has been completely remastered and replaced. We decided to upgrade the original game because it was in desperate need of some love, but we got carried away…

Every component of the game has been upgraded and re-created from the ground up while remaining loyal to the original’s spirit and design language.

Shred! Remastered APK MOD

App Mod

-Remade from the ground up with affection to bring “Shred 1” into the present age!
-A fun, -addictive, and genuine MTB gameplay experience is provided by the “flowy” level design based on the “pump” concept.
-More than 30 rough routes based on real-world locales, film clips, and MTB culture!
-There is no BS…Shred! The “pickup and play” appeal of Remastered is excellent for a short adrenaline hit!
-Bluetooth controller support -MTB cultural references and licensed in-game products from Orange, Halo, Gusset, and TSG -Bike geeks may nerd out over the references to MTB culture and licensed in-game products from Orange, Halo, Gusset, and TSG
-To the fantastic new soundtrack, “Get your Shred on.”
-Graphics that are fully scalable
-Designed by a mountain biker who lives and breathes the sport!

Shred! Remastered APK MOD

2021-11-23 Shred! Remastered App Update
The entire game has been rebuilt – Shred! Remastered is now available; we hope you like it!

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