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Kritika The White Knights APK MOD

FEEL THE RUSH! says the Kritika App description. The White Knights (KRITIKA)

  • Feel the rush of excitement rush through your veins!
  • Play the most thrilling action role-playing game that will keep you enthralled!
  • Extreme EX abilities that leap off the screen! Enlist the assistance of a friend’s Striker to help you dominate!
  • Get to know the champions!

  • Wandering Master: Turns the tide in his favor by utilizing creatures and talismans!
  • Elemental Fairy: A magical girl who weaves spirits and four magical elements together for all-out attacks!
  • Flame Striker: Uses her explosive gauntlet to overwhelm adversaries with fiery assaults!
  • Blade Dancer: Uses her Phantom Sword to overwhelm adversaries with fast and accurate strokes!
  • Lina: Both s are illuminated.
Kritika The White Knights APK MOD

Discover a gaming system unlike any other!

  • It’s more enjoyable if you collaborate! Have fun with the new Guild system!
  • Pets that stick by your side and help you grow!
  • In Stage Mode, you can progress through 103 distinct stages to become stronger!
  • Take on the Monster Wave! Attack a never-ending swarm of enemies!
  • Climb and conquer the Tower of Tribulation’s 50 stories!
  • Put your fighting abilities to the test in Arena, Versus, and Melee! Become the world’s greatest champion!
  • In “World Boss,” work together to battle strong bosses!
  • Clear stages faster by using the Auto-Battle option!
  • Galaxy S4 is the minimum device requirement.

** This game is available in English, Deutsch, Français, Espaol, Português, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese.

Kritika The White Knights APK MOD

2021-11-23 Kritika App 4.25.4 Update
Wandering Master’s Super Awakening and Ultimate Awakening have been added – New Special Legendary Avatars have been added.

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