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Zombieville USA MOD APK [Unlimited money]


The summary of Zombieville USA Application
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This application was reconstructed for compatibility along with present day Android models, as well as is actually currently entirely free. No advertisements, no IAP, no rubbish. Make sure to likewise have a look at it is remarkable sequel, Zombieville USA 2, likewise readily accessible finally on Android!

Zombieville USA MOD APK Unlimited money

When your community is actually overwhelmed due to the strolling lifeless, there is just one trait left behind to perform – look at their pockets as well as try to find loosened modify! As the only survivor of a zombie apocalypse, it is around you to fight legions of the undead in an endlessing defend survival! How much time may you store out? Hunt for cash money as well as ammo, as well as acquire around 18 various tools as your unavoidable ruin shuts in all around you…
Zombieville USA integrates the classic beauty of traditional gallery video games along with energetic stylized computer animation.





Zombieville USA MOD APK Unlimited money


  • Defend yourself with 18 different weapons, from shotguns to chainsaws, even rockets, katanas and flamethrowers!
  • Deceptively simple gameplay, with more depth than meets the eye. Manage your cash and ammo carefully, or become zombie chow!
  • Hop into vehicles to splatter zombie bits all over the pavement!
  • Uncover other survivors hiding in houses, who will aid the player in their hopeless struggle against the undead.

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